For more then twenty years, Beaver Cable Tool Sales LLC. has manufactured four different sizes of Rigging Forming Vises.  Our Portable Rigger's Forming Vise can be used in a widespread area including aircraft cable, stainless aircraft. stainless steel aircraft cable, wire rope, and stainless wire rope that is used everday working environment.   Some examples where our vises have been used include sailboat rigging, stage lighting, ship rigging, as well as oil, lumber construction and wire rope manufacturing companies.

Our Vises meet all standard federal specifications.  Patented jaws hold and snug cables or wire rope from 1/16" to 3 1/2" without adapters.  Acme threaded screws provide easy operation, positive action, and extreme strength.  Rigid construction assures long lasting durability.  Invaluable for forming cable or wire rope around thimbles or fixtures, making slings for either splicing or "U" bolt clamp as well as clips installations.

As well as Rigging Vises, we also specialize in a variety of In-line Suction Strainer.  Our Suction Strainer are designed to be place in the line for straining excess trash out of drilling mud. These Suction Strainer come complete with two outlets on opposite sides ranging from 4 1/2" up to 12 3/4", suction screen, lid and top nut to insure non of your mud is lost during screening. 

Our Suction Strainers are made from 4140 steel and welded by certified welders.  The Suction Strainers are placed in pipe line to collect all debris from returning to the lines and pit.  They concise of only four simple parts that can be dismantled, cleaned, and restored to service in less than ten minutes time.  Our Suction Strainers works well with any pump, and are durable built to last for years of hard work.

Beaver Cable Tools Is versatile in several areas if the field with the working man.if you have looked around our website and have not found what you were needing then we invite you continue to keep searching with our sister company We look forward to servicing your need in all fit our company areas to best